No matter if you are buying or selling your property,
Golden Star Real Estate agency will with their knowledge of the market and professional approach satisfy your every demand.

Golden star d.o.o. is founded in 1993. And since then it is successfully doing bushiness in Croatia. We specializes in real estate brokerage throughout Croatia, in addition to its real estate purchase business, we also collaborate with outsiders – architects, surveyors, civil engineers, appraisers, law firms, and court translators for foreign clients. They all contribute with their expertise to achieve the highest quality, easy and fast sale.

  • In addition to mediation, and in order to provide as complete service as possible to our clients, Golden Star also mediates in the following services:

    • realization of loans from individual banks,
    • real estate brokerage,
    • assessing the market value of real estate,
    • translation services by certified court interpreters for foreign languages,
    • goods (furniture) transportation, delivery and storage services,
    • conceptual design as well as architectural design and supervision of various buildings and spaces,
    • providing legal advice, drafting various documents (contracts, wills, statements, etc.), lawsuits, appeals, proposals, requests, petitions and other submissions, as well as the possible representation of our clients by a team of attorneys with whom we have ongoing business cooperation;
    • geodetic services,
    • Advertising services on our website


In our database we offer a large number of apartments, houses, land, apartments and business premises, which are increasing every day, and a large number of luxury real estates, especially in the coastal area, believing that we have the desired property for every potential buyer. To accelerate the sale of your property we have a large base of potential buyers. We also advertise abroad and provide a complete service to foreign customers.


If you need any advice or legal advice feel free to contact us. Our agents provide services in both Croatian and English, Italian and German.